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"For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them." Matthew 18:20


Advent and Mary

Laura DeMaria

I  have discovered a new favorite writer over at the UK Catholic Herald, Laura Keynes, and read this article by her today, "What Advent and pregnancy have in common."

What I love is not just her writing style, but the comparison of her own experience as an expectant mother with that of the Blessed Mother, and how the waiting of pregnancy is akin to the waiting in faith during Advent. "This year I’ve been forced to slow down and trust in God that things will be accomplished in the fullness of time. Waiting is difficult though," she writes. It is a beautiful lesson and one I have been reflecting on. I am not impatient, but Advent sort of seems like one long, unbroken meditation session, or like being in a theater as the lights dim, waiting for the play to start. But in the waiting, there is purpose and the opportunity to grow closer to God, through prayer, acts of charity and so on. That's a very beautiful thought and makes me wonder what other parts of my life, which appear like just the prelude, are actually the main event. I appreciate that Advent asks me to slow down, look and listen. 

By the way, she also published an incredibly moving piece on her experience with abortion, "My burden lifted forever." From believing the media and culture lie that, "abortion is good for women, a 'right' no less," Laura experienced abortion and learned this was not true - quite the opposite. The story of how she returned to the faith afterward is beautiful, and proof that God can always bring good from bad.

I recommend reading both!