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"For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them." Matthew 18:20



Laura DeMaria

Let's get right down to it.

I write this post before the website is even finished, before the design is complete, because while I could take weeks to perfect it, the whole purpose is to write. Here, with you, and my thoughts, and with that little fire that keeps me up and wakes me early, asking to be dictated.

What do I love? I love saints, novenas, candles, the Rosary and the Blessed Mother. I love harmony and beauty; Scripture when it moves in your heart; the Memorare and the Magnificat; and how God anticipates every little need in our lives, whether we allow Him to or not. Why do I love these things? Because they bring me closer to the Truth, little by little, over time and inevitably over a lifetime, the way it must be. And what can I do with this? I can do my best, through writing, to capture these beautiful things which I know to be true. By walking around the thing, by exploring and asking, circling closer and closer, perhaps one day I can fully understand. Or at least come kind of near. Will you join me?

No promises on content - could be mostly introspective, could be news articles, could be poetry, could be pictures of my guinea pigs or some pretty strawberries I bought at the store. I'm sure it all has meaning, one way or another.

Thank you for visiting Bright as the Sun. This is just the beginning.