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"For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them." Matthew 18:20


The St. Therese Novena

Laura DeMaria

Ya'll, it's time for another novena, courtesy of I'm talking about the novena to St. Therese of Lisieux. She has been called "the greatest saint of modern times" and has been loved by many holy people, including to one of my favorites, Thomas Merton. I can testify to her strength: about two years ago when I was in a very sad place, I prayed to her - not only was my prayer answered, but I received that hallmark of the St. Therese novena: a rose. That's right, she sends you a rose, in one way or another, on the last day of prayer. It is a miracle, and it is very real, and countless people have had the same experience in reaching out to her. I should mention this was before I was even fully Catholic - in other words, she is paying attention and listening, no matter where you are in life.

I should mention that participating in this novena with Pray More Novenas joins you with the 212,000 other people participating from across the world. Imagine the power of that prayer. I will be joining in, though I need to give some thought to where my request will be directed. You can read more about her here

I also want to add that every time I join this community in prayer, something miraculous happens. I mean that - for every time the past few months where I have joined my thoughts with this community, I have received an answer in some form, and it has been loud and clear. I am truly grateful.

The novena begins on September 22 ahead of her October 1 feast day. Please join us, and get to know this powerful intercessor, St. Therese!