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"For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them." Matthew 18:20


Catching Up

Laura DeMaria

In the past couple months I have written a few articles:

Krakow in the Capital: World Youth Day Comes to DC. At the end of July I attended a big WYD event here in DC, at Catholic U. That article doesn't do it justice, for what a wonderfully moving event it was, and how connected I felt to all the other pilgrims, across the world. 

Lessons From Prison Ministry. In August I stepped back from this ministry, as well as an active role in the Legion of Mary, but before I left the ministry behind, I wanted to record some observations on what made the experience so moving. I still pray for those inmates, and I hope they pray for me, too.

Five Ways to Live Like St. Luke. This was published on St. Luke's feast day, and I read his biography, Dear and Glorious Physician, earlier this year. I also got help from my Dominican friends in brainstorming ways we can emulate the "beloved Physician." But most exciting, it was picked up and shared by Angelus News and received over 200 shares on Facebook - good stuff!

My next article will be about - the crooked path to sainthood? How to make the most out of Advent? A profile on a very special nun I know? We shall see!

Other things going on: in the past week we've had the feast of St. Jude (hopeless causes - as if we don't need all the help we can get with our own personal hopeless causes); All Saints Day and (today) All Souls Day. It really is the case that "special" days happen all the time, if we look for them. I pray you are remembering your loved ones and all the saints known and unknown as we look toward the Christmas season.