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"For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them." Matthew 18:20


Latest radio; speaking at St. Timothy's; the Wise Men and other announcements

Laura DeMaria

Howdy, and happy new year! 2018 is off to a glorious start, if you ask me. Here's a few reasons why:

This Tuesday - the first day of the work week after the holidays, and an excellent way to begin the new year - I joined John Harper on Morning Air to discuss the second installment of my continuing series on lay vocations, which you can read here. The audio of the interview is archived here and my portion begins at 42: 26. It is always, always fun to be on the program, and this time we talked about a few saints who were lay people (Pier Giorgio Frassati; St. Martin de Porres, etc.) and I got worked up toward the end about how this whole idea of lay people being the body of the Church and central to its mission is not all that new, and just needs to be rediscovered. So there you have it.

Morning Air has also asked me to be a correspondent during the March for Life happening here in DC on January 19, so I will pop into the show now and then to give an update about what's happening on the ground. This is my first March for Life, and I am looking forward to formally joining the movement for lots of reasons, but particularly because of all the causes I have become involved with the past year related to quality - and dignity - of life for the disabled and elderly. I've learned being pro-life doesn't just mean advocating for the unborn, but also the disabled and elderly, too. Looking at where my heart, and service, have been since returning to the Church, these are the primary areas I've given my time. It just took a while to make the pro-life connection, but then sometimes I'm just a little late to the party, I suppose.

And finally, a very exciting thing happening: I have been invited to speak at a young adult retreat at St. Timothy's Church in Chantilly, VA! This is a big deal!! The event is in February and I will share more information as it develops. God is very good, for so many reasons.

Today, by the way, is the Epiphany. I have always been fascinated by the Wise Men, and the juxtaposition of their royalty with what they found in Bethlehem. Coincidentally, as I make my way through the 9-month "19th annotation" retreat at Holy Trinity, today is the day for meditating on the arrival of the Magi, so I spent some time with them this morning. Here is what I have found: they stand as a symbol of the Christian life. They sought Jesus, found him, fell down in worship, and offered their gifts (Matthew 2:10-11). Maybe we can even lose the word "symbol" - what they do is literal, as it should be for us.

And here we have found our way back to my favorite topic: how are you offering your gifts up to God, to further His kingdom? Food for thought in 2018, and perhaps the most important question you will ask yourself all year.