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The Morning Air Show: Do Millennials Make Good Catholics?

Laura DeMaria

Yeah, of course they do! And to prove it, I went on the Morning Air Show this past Wednesday to talk about it. You can access the audio here, and my portion starts around 23:20.

I got real amped up on that one. It was a great segment, a great conversation, and fun to be able to talk about the ways that millennial Catholics' personalities draw them to the faith (social justice, anyone?) and then how they then share the faith using their gifts (so many creative Catholics these days). Also, we had a caller call in to share about talking about her faith with Mormons, and the mutual understanding and respect between them in that dialogue, that was nice to hear. 

John also turned it more generally into a conversation about "what makes a good Catholic." We agreed it's not about being good, but about being faithful. Amen!