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"For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them." Matthew 18:20


Celebrating Mary's Queenship

Laura DeMaria

Happy memorial of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary! I wrote an article about this two years ago, “Why Mary’s Queenship Matters.” In sum: “Jesus has given us the love and protection of His own mother; with her, our faith is whole.”

An additional thought from Bishop Barron today:

“The Queenship of Mary is not a sentimental feast. Whenever biblical people spoke of kings or queens, they were speaking of warriors. The question for us is: Which side are we on? Those trained in the Jesuit spiritual tradition know of the ‘two standards’ meditation, which compels us to make the simple choice: In which army do you serve?

We fight, of course, not with the puny weapons of the world, but with the weapons of the Spirit; by God we fight. So don’t just honor and acknowledge the Queenship of Mary; get in her army.”

Get in her army! I am reminded that this truth is also why Frank Duff in his wisdom, when creating his powerful lay apostolate known as the Legion of Mary, called it that rather than “Mary’s Club” or “Mary’s Buddies.” Warriors, people!

Programming note: my Morning Air interview next Friday, 8/30 has been moved back 15 minutes to 7:30 am eastern. We’ll be talking my recent article, 4 Steps to a Better Sunday, and all the practical things you can do to properly “keep the Sabbath holy” with your friends, with prayer, and of course with feasting. Maybe it’ll make you change your mind that Sunday is the best day of the week. It really is!*

*If done properly